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(PS: My diary has officially moved over to my official evany.com website. Let's meet up over there!)
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hot prom action (with pics!)
Thursday, May. 29, 2003 | link

Wow so Jill's prom-themed prom party was way, way better than my actual prom, like by a factor of at least eleven. Though really my senior prom wasn't that hard to beat as it involved, a) me wearing a puffy taffeta dress with mutton-chop sleeves that was so insanely 80s, it had to use one of those walkers with tennis balls on its feet (wait no, "so insanely 80s, George Michael was all, 'wake me up when it's gone, gone!'"), b) me french-braiding my hair into a baby's breath-stuffed braid that went over my head from ear to ear like some kind of horse-girl headband, and c) me not drinking anything, not even kahlua milkshakes. I swear, I think I was in bed by midnight.

But I didn't get home from Jill's until four in the morning! And I danced so much, I bruised the tips of my toes! I named the punch Jill made "One-Two Punch," and then drank the shit out of it! And there are pictures! Lots and lots of pictures.

Is that me? Doing the robot? TOTALLY IRONICALLY? Oh but that's definitely me, yes, holding a dove to my breast. And thinking of YOU! Hey! You! Get off that ass and come buttress my rear, super-freak style.

And here's a sampling of the Prom-y prom pics (Jill set the whole thing up, built the background, got a tripod for the camera, no lie.):

Apparently Jill is carrying my baby?

Is the water warm enough? Yes Adrienne.
Shall we begin? Yes Adrienne.

Caroleen and Jeff, hahah!

Hot Sunny-and-Leisa, proving you don't need a time machine to acheive that look, just green contacts and lots and lots of self-tanner.

Me and Richard, balancing our hands on an invisble cane.

Jill, Caroleen, Liz, and ... and ... I'm sorry, I completely forgot your name -- your searing hotness must have burned it right out of my mind.

Nope, sorry, still can't remember your handle, you NAMELESS SUPER FOX.*

And I leave you with these stirring images of me and my pal from school, Mark, thrown together in this lametastic animation, the sad, low-rez result of excitedly downloaded free animation software that I just didn't have the patience to figure out how to use. Much like life! And love. And titty pancakes.


* OK, Jill just called, and her name is Genevieve. Foxyhot Genevieve!

(PS: My diary has officially moved over to my official evany.com website. Let's meet up over there!)

(PS: My diary has officially moved over to my official evany.com website. Let's meet up over there!)

archived entries