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(PS: My diary has officially moved over to my official evany.com website. Let's meet up over there!)
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Wednesday, Feb. 04, 2004 | link

I've been burning with a teensy bit of shopping fever as of late, having some trouble, I think, easing up on the petal-to-the-metal holiday shopping frenzy (awesome, irretrievable typo that went to print in a [terrible and embarrassing] story of mine: "pedal to the metal"). [UPDATED: OMG. I did it again! The right way is "pedal to the metal" and the Evany way is "pedal to the medal". My brain is rotton.]

But I sure do have a lot of nice, shiny new things lining my larder, which I celebrate with you here:

First, my exciting and eccentricky "Skinny Scarf" from Supermaggie. In a freak storm of conservatism (I think I was in a rare, "isn't it time we put away these childish things" sort of mood), I got the gray color scheme, which looks ever-so-slightly docent-ish on me, but in a way that compels me nonetheless.

Notice also the new acid green-and-yellow "I've lost control [with two baby birds]" top from Delias. Far from making me feel docenty, this tee makes me feel like I'm going to get shouted down by some youth-juicy onlooker: "Gramma? I told you not to touch my stuff!"

And that's not all. Last week I got in on the Talla Design sale to the tune of a blue long-sleeved thick cotton tee with flock of orange and brown birds. So now my Bir-tee and Maude O bluebird number will never be lonely again. (Remember, you were here the moment I realized that I am now the completely crazy bird-shirt lady. Which means you know exactly what to buy me for my birthday!) (Don't. Please, don't.)

If you look very, very closely at the photos above, you may even notice my new, ultra matte "Russet" Kiehl's lipstick at work. It's kind of hard to spot because it looks pretty much like the natural color of my lips, only more so. Why do I need this? I don't know, but it feels awfully nice.

My feet are also totally partying in my first-ever pair of ergo-go-go Danskos. I got the Jules in mustard, which may, as Liz said, look like "the ugly side of the 70s", but I find them to be so far along the ugly scale that they've actually circled all the way back to "fantastic" again.

AND, after digging and poking around eBay for over six months, I finally found a replacement for my favorite, favorite Fornarina vecro-things. The new pair isn't red, sadly, but sea-mammal gray (more gray!), but I still love them very deeply. I've worn the red ones so much and so fiercely that the "vegan leather" (as the original salesman pitched it) has cracked through to expose the sad, polyurethane magma underneath.

The sad, old Sanford and Sons.

The exciting-and-news.

Oh and I put together a cafepress extendedcakemix cake-mug just because I wanted one for myself. But you can have one, too! I promise that for each mug you buy, I'll give Jay, the designer of the cake-slice logo (and the man behind the mao tse thong), one dry-roasted peanut. Salted! And for every ten that get bought, I'll give him stripper money.

(PS: My diary has officially moved over to my official evany.com website. Let's meet up over there!)

(PS: My diary has officially moved over to my official evany.com website. Let's meet up over there!)

archived entries