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a (roman) link and a plea
Wednesday, Mar. 15, 2006 | link

Hi, I got interviewed by the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero! I have no idea what it says (which suits my head-in-sand style quite nicely), but don't those drawings look nice?

- - - - - - - -

And now the plea: Do you happen to know of any cute, gift-y neighborhood shops that might be interested in selling my Sleep book. If you're familiar with San Francisco, I'm thinking of stores along the lines of Therapy (both the furniture store and the clothing-centered version next door) or CandyStore (oops, not much at the CandyStore site, so here's the Yelp POV). You know, the kind of store with like scarves and wallets and rings and wrist-cuffs and messenger bags and local-designer shirts and doodads, the place you go whenever you have to buy a last-minute panic gift for a good friend. Like Urban Outfitters, but small and independantly owned. Do you know of anything like that? Especially (but not necessarily) if the shop is located on the West Coast, as in, somewhere I could maybibly visit and unfurl my tapdance in person? Please LET ME KNOW (warning: you might just run afoul of my spam filter, but don't worry...I'll be regularly checking my chum bucket for wayward email).

Thanks, thanks, thanks everybody! You are my knights in shining armor and also white satin, coming to my emotional rescue!

your suggestions so far...
(just in case you were looking for suggestions on your own cute-shop road trip)

In Ann Arbor:
The Peaceable Kingdom, "cool jewelry, stationery, and gift books" (thanks Lucinda!)
Acme Mercantile at 111 West Liberty (thanks Lucinda!)

In Baltimore:
Atomic Books, "an independent book/comic store" (thanks Eugenia)

In Bethlehem, PA:
The Moravian Bookshop on Main Street (thanks Laura!)
Banana Factory on Third Street (thanks Laura!)
Popmart in historic downtown (thanks Laura!)

In Berkeley:
Cherry Pie at 1603 Solano (thanks Adrienne!)
Violet at 1747 Solano (thanks Adrienne!)

In Boston:
Pluto in Jamaica Plain and also Davis Square, Somerville (thanks Lauren!)

In Boulder:
Bliss at 1643 Pearl Street (thanks Colin!)
Paper Doll at 1141 Pearl Street (thanks Colin!)

In Brooklyn:
Cog and Pearl, "handmade and recycled gift-y stuff, jewelry, and NEATO BOOKS" (thanks Jocelyn!)
Rare Device at 453 7th Avenue (thanks other Richard!)
Scaredy Cat on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope (thanks Colin!)

In Calgary:
Reid's on 17th Avenue SW (thanks Richard!)
Purr also on 17th Avenue (thanks Richard!)

In Colorado Springs:
Terra Verde at 208 N Tejon Street (thanks Amy!)

In Claremount, CA:
Raku at 224 Yale Ave (thanks Lisa!)

In Eugene:
Letterhead Fine Papers and Gifts, "adorable and hip stationary store" (thanks, Leah!)
Freudian Slip, "fabulous cute underwear" with "cute cards and books, as well as high-end nightwear" (thanks Leah!)
Modern on 207 E. 5th Street, "mix of jewelry, hip cool furniture, cocktail shakers, placemats and doodads" (thanks, Leah!)

In Long Beach:
Toto's Revenge (thanks other Andrew!)
Iguana Import Gallery, "more than just imports" (thanks other Andrew!)

In Los Angeles:
Ooga Booga in Chinatown (thanks Melissa!)
Plastica on West Third, maybe? (thanks Evany!)

In Madison:
Pop Deluxe, "fun, kitschy stuff with a sense of humor" (thanks Kristi!)
A Room of One's Own, a "feminist book store" (thanks Kristi!)

In Minneapolis:
Patina, "cool stuff and lots of books" (thanks Kristi!)

In New York:
Exit9 on Avenue A (thanks Paul, and congrats on the NPR interview!)
Alphabets on Avenue A, Greenwich, and Broadway (thanks Paul, and congrats on the NPR interview!)
Tah-Poozie on Seventh Ave (thanks Paul, and congrats on the NPR interview!)
Mxyplyzyk on Greenwich (thanks Paul, and congrats on the NPR interview!)
Mod World on First Ave (thanks Paul, and congrats on the NPR interview!)
Kate's Paperie "kind of a chain, but still independently owned I think" (thanks Kelly!)

In Oakland:
Maison d'Etre on College (thanks Rachel!)
Scout on College (thanks Rachel!)
Surprise on Piedmont (thanks Rachel!)
Porchlight on San Pablo (thanks Rachel!)
Dollybird on San Pablo (thanks Marco! And Michael!)
Heartfelt on College (thanks Anh-Minh!)

In Philadelphia:
Black Cat, "adorable, independent, socially/environmentally conscious" (thanks Karen!)
Lemons & Limes, "cool stationery, jewelry, fun gifts, furnishings, and the odd book" (thanks other Karen!)
Town Home, "contemporary housewares, gifts, books" (thanks other Karen!)

In Portland, OR:
Greg's at 3707 South East Hawthorne (thanks Noah!)

In St. Louis:
Pheonix Rising at 6331 Delmar (thanks Stephanie!)

In San Diego:
The Grove at Juniper and 30th (thanks Christina!)

In San Francisco:
Gables Stationary Store on Geary (thanks Inger!)
Wishbone on Irving (thanks Mike! and Martine! and Kari!)
Molte Cose on Polk (thanks Rachel!)
Doe on Haight (thanks Adrienne!)
Ooma on Grant in North Beach, "super cute clothing" and "unique gift items" (thanks Jennie!)
Heartfelt on Cortland in Bernal Heights (thanks Jennie!)
University Art on Spear Street downtown, with "addictive gifty books, and other such fun stuff" (thanks Jennie!)
OTSU, oh, right OTSU! The vegan gifty store on 16th! (thanks Mariko!)
Nest on Fillmore (thanks Evany!)
Arch at Missouri and 17th, an "art/drafting supply store that carries all sorts of neat gift items" (thanks Anh-Minh!)
Mingle Shop on Union, "mostly local designers/artists" (thanks Anh-Minh!)
Happy Trails on Haight (thanks Anh-Minh!)
Dandelion at 55 Potrero Avenue (thanks Julia!)
Egg + Urban Mercantile on Cole, "an eclectic array of housewares and gift items" (thanks Heather! And Alanna, and congratulations on the new book!)
Studio at 1718A Polk Street, between Clay & Washington (thanks Alanna, and congratulations on the new book!)
Giant Robot on Shrader (thanks Kari!)

In Santa Barbara:
Imagine at 11 W Canon Perdido Street (thanks Alison!)

In Seattle:
Babes in Toyland, sex things and other bedroom accessories (thanks Andrew!)
Schmancy, "fun little gifts, like these too cute sewdorky donuts" (thanks, other Leah!)
FireWorks at 210 1ST Ave S (thanks Colin!)

In Toronto:
Red Pegasus on College Street (thanks Tara! and Christine!)
Propaganda, "lots of cheeky bits n' bobs, cool retro vibe" (thanks Christine!)

In Yachats, OR, Population 636:
Raindogs at 162 Beach Street (thanks Colin!)

And on the web:
Spoonsisters (thanks Julia!)

(PS: My diary has officially moved over to my official evany.com website. Let's meet up over there!)

(PS: My diary has officially moved over to my official evany.com website. Let's meet up over there!)

archived entries